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Fergie Premiers Abstract Video for “Just Like You” Single (Lyrics Review)

Looks like Fergie was dead serious when she announced her new album ‘Double Dutchess” as a visual album. The singles released from the album so far have been creative and visually appealing. Fergie goes into abstract mode in her latest music video “Just Like You” released today and we are hooked.

The black and white music video takes place in a city some decades ago. Fergie meets a rugged looking and mature stranger in a dark alley and the spark leads on to the video. There on, “Just Like You” visuals unfold in the most creative way using black and white filers and a lot of smoke and lighting. It really is visually breathtaking.

“Just Like You” finds Fergie in a post breakup situation wondering where it all went wrong. She tries to understand what she did wrong and wondering if it is her fault?!

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Let us take a look at some of the lyrics of the song.

Verse 1

I ain’t saying it ain’t beautiful, but he used to be
Who is this right here? She don’t look like me
I was sleeping with the demon every night in my bedroom
I guess you are who you keep a reflection of me
That I don’t wanna be, no

Fergie is reminiscing of the relationship after the breakup. She won’t say everything in their relationship was perfect, but to her he was perfect and that made it all worth it. But we assume things changed over time and they grew distant and apart. This went on to such a level that she would call her lover a ‘demon’ that she was sleeping with in the same bed at night.


Oops, look what you made me do
I’m crazy just like you, I’m tainted just like you
Table set for two, look what you made me prove
I’m crazy just like you, I’m tainted just like you
Just like you, just like you

Fergie breaks apart at one point in the relationship, unable to handle the pressure of what the relationship has become. But she says she was not worse than him. She was equally crazy and tainted as her lover. Love is a 100/100 game, meaning both have to give their everything for it to work. We think this is what Fergie means when she says ‘table set for two.’

Verse 3

Gone girl, I don’t ever wanna go back
I thought it was forever, you should know that
Haunted ’till I finally figure out your game, ayy
Take a picture in your mind, that’s a throwback
Done twisting up my life, you should roll that
Don’t be trippin’ on my shadow as I walk away-ay-ay

“Just Like You” song happens after the breakup. The singer says she has moved from the relationship and she is never going back. It took so many years and endless heartache to figure out his game and she is not having any of that ever again.

She says he twisted up her life-took it in as a whole and spit out chewed up. So she is walking away. She asks her former lover to take a mental picture as she walks away, because that would be the last time he would see of her.

Fergie’s new album is shaping up to be a real work of art and “Just Like You” is just the tip of it. Grab a copy of the new album out on September 22.

If you have a different annotation of the lyrics let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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