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Taylor Swift – New Year’s Day (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“New Year’s Day” is the fifteenth and last song off of Taylor Swift’s sixth studio album ‘Reputation.’ This song has a whole different tune and theme than that was followed throughout the album. And this is the only song without heavy electro-pop music and synths.

“New Year’s Day” is a different kind of love story. Taylor speaks about an enduring love that lasts forever through tests of time. This song is reminiscent of Taylor’s old works which used instruments. “New Year’s Day” music is provided by a piano and a guitar only and her usual producers of ‘Reputation’ step back and Jack Antonoff comes into play for this track.

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Taylor Swift performed the song live to an audience of 100 fans in her house in Rhode Island. Watch that performance below.

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Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “New Year’s Day”

Taylor Swift beautifully paints a picture of the aftermath of a party. There’s glitter everywhere on the floor and people are walking out of the house, head held down, sleepy and girls have their shoes in their hands. The party has been going all night, that the candles have burnt to the ground.

Taylor tries to say something about themselves “you and me from the night before…” but she stops abruptly.

Looks like she had a good time with her at the party, but now she has to head back to her home. She wishes that she could stay back with him, but something/s are preventing her do that.

The chorus of “New Year’s Day” speaks about something tragic and beautiful. Taylor asks her lover not to read the last page of the book-she has a feeling that it won’t be a good ending. She is ready to stick by him through thick and thin, but sometimes forces beyond their control speed up their way to the final chapter. That is a scary and a tormenting experience.

You squeeze my hand three times in the back of the taxi
I can tell that it’s gonna be a long road

A person generally squeezes another one’s hand unintentionally if they face with an unexpected situation that spooks them. Taylor assumes life to be a long road and they are taking a taxi ride. They are faced with many challenges that scare them away, so both of them buckle up for the rough ride ahead.

Watch Taylor Swift Perform “New Year’s Day” Live at Jimmy Fallon

Please don’t ever become a stranger
Whose laugh I could recognize anywhere

The bridge of “New Year’s Day” states a very sad ending to the song and thus the entire album. Taylor is pleading him not to become someone she cannot recognize but his laugh. People can grow apart in many ways and Taylor hates to see that happening to them.

This is the most emotional track out of all 15 songs in the ‘Reputation’ album and we see a glimpse of the Old-Taylor. Starting off with “…Ready For It?” and ending with an emotional ballad as “New Year’s Day” could signify something for Taylor. Is the old Taylor coming back?

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