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Watch the Trailer for ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ Documentary on Two Decades of Coldplay

“Tears stream…down your face…and I…”

Above lines are probably some of the most heard and effective lyrics that have ever been written by an Alternative Rock band. Coldplay truly changed the game for Rock music. The four-member British band which officially formed in 1996 is still raging with energy and passion to this date. For over 20 years in the music industry, Coldplay has absolutely dominated the game. Now they are ready to tell their story, ups and downs, for the past two decades in the upcoming ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ movie.

The upcoming documentary is named after the band’s 7th studio album, ‘A Head Full Of Dreams,’ released in 2015. The world tour that followed the release of this album is one of the highest grossing concert tours in the history of music. A recorded $523 million was earned throughout this tour.

The trailer released today shows the beginning of Coldplay. Four ordinary looking teenagers starting a band with a head full of dreams of becoming “massive…absolutely huge,” says lead vocalist Chris Martin in an unearthed video clip. The documentary is to capture their humble beginnings, successes, falls, knock-downs and the rise to the elite. Coldplay now does sold-out concerts all over the world.

Watch ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ Movie Trailer

The trailer also captures the downright cruel comments by the media against the band. One article reads “the most insufferable band,” while another comment “Coldplay blamed for EMI profit plunge.”

Another dug up video clips shows Christ Martin consulting his band members about the song “Fix You.” He iterates the lyrics to the chorus and asks if the members think its “shit.” We hear some member replying to Chris, “No, it sounds cool. Just wondering if it could be something which makes more sense.” “Fix You” is an absolute brilliance of a song and makes everyone feel all the feels in the world, to say the least.

“It’s more like family…It’s more like brothers than friends.” This is the glue that has kept Coldplay going on for so long when many other bands have fallen apart.

We are absolutely excited to watch this documentary/movie out on November 14, 2018. Stay tuned.

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