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Clean Bandit Premiers an Acoustic “Solo” Track with Demi Lovato (Review)

Clean Bandit premiered the new single “Solo” with a lot of potential featuring Demi Lovato couple of weeks ago. This success might have prompted the artists to convert this hardcore EDM track into its exact opposite-acoustic track.

As of now “Solo” is not associated with any album work, however, it might end up in Clean Bandit’s upcoming album. The original track is heavily relied on EDM and digitally produced sounds and beats. An acoustic version of this song was quite the unthinkable, and yet, they have done it.

Releasing the acoustic cover of “Solo,” Clean Bandit also released a music video. However, this is the same video which was released for the original, only turned black and white. Acoustic and black-and-white music videos go together.

Watch Clean Bandit’s “Solo” Acoustic Version

As a result of this acoustic transformation, the artists have had to sing the bits that were digitally put in and some parts are completely omitted. Hence, this version takes a fresh turn from its original.

Since we have huge crushes on acoustic music, we are leaning towards calling the acoustic cover of “Solo” is better than the original. However, we are holding on to that since the original had some unique music put in digitally.

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