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Watch a Shirtless Liam Payne in Hot “Familiar” Music Video with J Balvin (Review)

Liam Payne might be on to his second biggest breakout single with “Familiar” after “Strip That Down” in 2017. “Familiar” is released as a single, although there is no mention of an album in the making. J Balvin also makes an appearance on the song and the video. The new song and music video released shows some sexy action for both females and males alike, at a late-night steamy dance party.

In the song we hear Liam Payne and J Balvin both singing in Spanish. Liam seems to be enjoying his time apart from the band he was used be in, as he is seen ripped in the music video for “Familiar.” For the most part of the video, we are shown Liam shirtless and flaunting his six packs and abs. For the other part, we see his face with the scruffy beard.

For the male viewers of the video, there are plenty of eye-candy women almost-dirty dancing to the song. Interesting point to note would be that at no point does Liam seen getting too cozy with the dancers.

Watch “Familiar” Music Video by Liam Payne and J Balvin

“Familiar” song speaks about a gorgeous woman dancing on the dance floor and the singer wants an introduction-an opening to strike a conversation with this woman. He wants to get a little more familiar with this woman and maybe a little more later on.

Verse 3

Here is the English translation of the third verse in Spanish done by J Balvin.

I would like for you and me to familiarize
A little chemistry and we turn on the party
Forget judgements, that’s how we understand each other
What do you think if we get inside your mind?
Miss, what do you need?
It would be much better if you participate
Not that far, better close
I’m going to do to you everything you let me
And you know that what you wear looks good on you (it looks good)
I like you much better than a hundred dollar bill

With an upbeat track and a kickass tune, “Familiar” is set to climb the charts. The very sexy music video should boost its cause.

What do you think about the song and the music video? Let us know in the comments below.

Full Lyrics to “Familiar”


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