Ya No Tiene Novio

Watch Hilarious and Sexy “Ya No Tiene Novio” Video by Sebastian Yatra (Review)

Sebastian Yatra’s new single and music video “Ya No Tiene Novio” is blowing up around the world courtesy for the comedic lyrics and cinematography. Sebastian Yatra, Mau Montaner and Ricky Montaner (AKA Mau Y Ricky) all contribute in vocals to the song.

The song progresses around girls who are single and are being chased or rather wooed by guys. The song is produced by Tainy and Sky Rompiendo El Bajo. The trifecta of artists singing also takes part in the music video as well.

Watch “Ya No Tiene Novio” Music Video

First, we see Sebastian stealing the girl of Mau on the red carpet of some fancy event. He gets introduced to the girl and Mau runs off for a second and she is tongue deep on Sebastian in a second.

The second scene is of a road accident. A rich guy crashes on to the car of Mau, and while the police arrive at the scene, Mau runs off with the hot girl of the rich guy. However, on the flipside, this rich guy happens to be a lavish spender at a strip club and out-tips a hot girl to win over her from Ricky.

Then Sebastian and Ricky are at the poolside where they meet a gorgeous and sexy girl. She, we believe, fake drowns in the pool and gets rescued by Ricky. As soon as she recovers, she frenches Ricky right in front of Sebastian.

In the next scene, Sebastian is seen visiting the funeral of Mau. There he meets Mau’s wife and he takes her to an empty hallway and gets into a steamy makeout session. The ghost of Mau is obviously very annoyed.

Next, “Ya No Tiene Novio” music video moves into a zombie apocalypse and in a blurry haze of events, Mau steals somebody’s girl and is seen making out heavily.

And then *poof* The scene rotates back to the red carpet. All this time Sebastian was imagining all of this. He has not stolen the girl of Mau at the red carpet and he seemed quite relieved by it.

The song and the music video of “Ya No Tiene Novio” are definitely entertaining. This could be the reason why the video is touching 80 million views in just over two weeks.

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Full Lyris to “Ya No Tiene Novio” by Sebastian Yatra


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