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Kendrick Lamar Scores First Billboard Hot 100 Song Thank to Taylor Swift

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan, as evident by the massive amount of Taylor Swift articles I have posted on JustRandomThings. But, this isn’t the right way for a legend to score his first ever Billboard Hot 100 track. It has nothing to do with featuring on a Taylor Swift track. He could have featured on an amazing Beyonce track, and I still wouldn’t feel satisfied in the idea that King Kendrick gained a worldwide number one track featuring on another artist’s song.

Kendrick Lamar, as I have mentioned several times before, is an amazing rapper-humble and genuine and speaks for the real issues in the world. He writes his own lyrics and has his own unique style. His lyricism has a lot of us enchanted and mesmerized at the craftsmanship of syllables. This is very much evident by the tracks from his latest album ‘To Pimp A Butterfly‘ and singles such as “King Kunta” and “Complexion“. These songs have spurred dialogues all around the world.

Being the artist of such a colossal talent and ability, it seems unsatisfactory that he gained his first Billboard Hot 100 track with “Bad Blood” feature. But he was very humble and genuine about it all. In an interview he said about the collaboration with Taylor Swift:

“I’ve always been a fan of hers, and she was a fan of my music and she reached out and we got it done,”

Being a rapper from the streets of Compton, he has an incredible personality and a vision of the world. A rapper with such affluence wouldn’t probably feature on a Taylor Swift song. But he was humble enough to do it, and it earned him his first ever Billboard Hot 100 single.

Congratulations to Kendrick Lamar for his first Billboard Hot 100 single. No matter how much I dislike the fact that he got it via a feature, it will be the true fact. There will be more for King Kendrick on this category as his music becomes more appreciated by the world and more people starts sharing his vision.

Watch “Bad Blood” Featuring Kendrick Lamar

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