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Eminem Talks About Joyner Lucas and Drake on Kamikaze Interview with Sway (Pt 4)

In the fourth and final part of the ‘Kamikaze’ interview with Sway, Eminem gets brutally honest about a few aspects of his life and the industry. In the first episode, Eminem talked about the reasons behind releasing the surprise album ‘Kamikaze.’ The second and third parts were dedicated to addressing Em’s feuds with Joe Budden and MGK and also working with the incredibly talented Jessie Reyez on the new album. This fourth episode releases soon after the much anticipated MGK diss “KILLSHOT” dropping a few hours ago. Eminem is all over social media!

Starting off the fourth episode, Eminem talks about collaborating with Joyner Lucas on “Lucky You” to which a new music video was released a couple of days ago. Em seems to believe a lot in this upcoming talent.

Eminem Says Drake Will Forever be in His ‘Good Graces’

When it came to the topic of ghostwriters, which Em talks about in ‘Kamikaze,’ Sway asks if it really was about Drake. Drake has received a lot of backlash over the years on using ghostwriters for his songs. However, Eminem confirms that he did not speak about Drake in the album. Further, Em says that Drake will forever be in his good graces for something Drake did to one of Em’s daughters. Eminem has three daughters-Hailie Jade, Alaina Mathers and Whitney Scott Mathers.

Further, Eminem says that he has no problem with artists who use ghostwriters. But if it ever came to a point where he had to use ghostwriters, he would drop the mic. Em reels back to his childhood when composing lyrics and spitting them was his outlet of being strong. His best friend-late Proof used to beat him down in physical brawls and lyrics were the only thing Em could best Proof.

Eminem Thrashes Grammy Awards in ‘Kamikaze’ Interview

Sway brings up how Eminem has been going ballistic at Grammy Awards for leeching off of artists. Em confirms that the Grammy Awards nominates hottest artists just to bring them to the show to increase their viewership.

Eminem talks about how Nora Jones, the female Jazz artist, won the Grammy Award for ‘The Album of the Year’ for her debut album ‘Come Away with Me’ in 2003. ‘The Eminem Show’ was competing on the same category, and Em and his friends could not believe it.

Eminem says he is not about putting down any musician or their work getting recognized. But he says Grammy Awards is about getting big shots to attend the show and giving away the awards to whoever they please on their own will.

Em supports his theory by bringing up 2004 Grammy Awards when 50 Cent did not win ‘Best New Artist’ category. Both Sway and Eminem agree that there was no one bigger than 50 Cent’s income to the industry back in the day.

Marshall guarantees that he will not attend the Grammy Awards for the next “100 million years.”

Watch Kamikaze Interview Part 4

In the final extension of the interview, Eminem talks about his song “Stepping Stone” which bids farewell to the rap supergroup D12. Em says Proof was the glue that kept the group together and with his demise, they were bound to fall apart.

Finally, Eminem says that he is in a good place right now. Music has been and is his therapy and he is sober for 10 years now. He does not roam about in clubs and parties. But he says he does go around under the radar.

Congratulations to Eminem on another successful album and being on the top of the list once again.

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