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Selena Gomez – Baila Conmigo Ft. Rauw Alejandro | English Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Selena Gomez piles up to her list of Spanish songs with the brand new “Baila Conmigo” track. The song is the second full-Spanish song released by Selena, and this one features vocals by Rauw Alejandro. All these projects will lead to Selena’s first-ever Spanish EP releasing soon.

“Baila Conmigo” follows the first release “De Una Vez” by Selena Gomez from her upcoming Spanish EP ‘Revelación.’ The album is expected to release on March 12, 2021. “This is the beginning of something that I had long wanted to explore,” added Selena Gomez about her new chapter in music in a different language.

The music video released for the song shows two lovers mingling about in their romantic affairs. While the music video is vibrant and cozy, Selena Gomez only appears for a few seconds throughout the video.

Watch “Baila Conmigo” Video by Selena Gomez

“Baila Conmigo” English Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Much like the music video, the song lyrics narrate the sparkling romance between two fairly strange individuals. Rauw Alejandro opens up the song by mentioning that he didn’t know if the lady could even speak in Spanish. This directly relates to Selena Gomez’s situation IRL.

Dance, dance, dance with me
Dance, dance and I’ll follow you
Come closer, come get loose

Selena Gomez sings about letting loose in the love-enchant. Her lyrics capture the essence of this love interest which is somewhat relaxed than diving head-on.

How do I tell you I don’t want to talk about love?

This does not mean that their blossoming relationship is purely casual and no-strings-attached. Rather the song gives out a vibe of innocence and early-relationship jitters.

So, Selena Gomez resorts to dancing her jitters away, while being happy with just one kiss from him. That will be enough for Selena to make up her mind if this relationship has any promise going forward.

I don’t understand a lot, but dance, dance, dance with me

The lyrics above shows why Selena Gomez is taking things slow. She confesses that she does not understand a lot about ‘love’ and she would rather let things take a natural progression. For now, she will be satisfied with dancing with him.

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