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The Most Amazing Live Vocals on X Factor: Judges Suspect Lip Syncing-Aida Nikolaychuk

You may not know the lesser known X Factor Global show happening in Ukraine, but this participant took the whole show and herself to the world with some magical vocal talents.

Aida Nikolaychuk was 28 years old when she took part in the second season of X-Factor show in Ukraine. She quit her day job as a cashier to participate in the show. She made the best use of this opportunity to show the world what a God-given vocal talent she has.

Aida Nikolaychuk appeared to be an average Ukranian girl when she entered the room in front of the four judges. She revealed that she will be performing “Lullaby” by Polina Gagarina-a Russian singer, songwriter and a model. From the first instance, she began her performance, judges looked baffled.

One of the judged removed his earpiece to listen to her real voice, as he could not fathom that this kind of voice was coming out of her mouth. After a few verses, the same judge stops her performance mid-way. We are seen the judges doubting if she is lip syncing over a recording.

Judges then request Aida to sing the same song a cappella-without music or instruments. She takes on the challenge. There is no difference in her voice.

Unbelievable Vocals on X-Factor Global-Aida Nikolaychuk

It sounds as if she has autotune built in her vocal cords!

One of the judges comments: “We stopped you because I couldn’t believe my ears. I thought it was a CD recording. I thought there was a digital effect on your voice. You have such a magical voice and you control it very well. It sounded like a commercially produced CD. A-MA-ZING performance.”

Aida Nikolaychuk went on to win the season 3 of X-Factor Global Ukraine in 2012 and has pursued a successful music and modelling career since. Watch the winning performance below.

Аида – Не обеща (Aida- He Did Not Promise)

Aida Nikolaychuk’s angelic voice also appears in several mainstream movies; she dubs Russian vocals for Mavis in Hotel Transylvania 1 and 2 animated movies. She also acted in the movie ‘Sasha Belyy’ as herself in 2013.

Aida Nikolaychuk pursues a modelling career as well
Aida Nikolaychuk pursues a modelling career as well (Image Credits: 12 Notes)


Aida Nikolaychuk posing for a magazine
Aida Nikolaychuk posing for a magazine (Image Credits:

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