natti natatsha pa' mala yo music video review

Natti Natasha is A Sexy Devil in “Pa’ Mala YO” Music Video (Review)

Natti Natasha has released new music for the new year 2019. In this new song, titled “Pa’ Mala YO,” Natti is a sexy devil that seduces rich men and sends them for damnation.

“Pa’ Mala YO” is expected to be a part of the second studio album scheduled to be released in 2019. In December 2018, she also released some other songs that are from the album. Most notable are; “Me Gusta” and “Quién Sabe” both of which have their own hot music videos as well. So, it comes as little surprise when Natti Natasha released this brand new video as a sultry hot visual.

In the video for “Pa’ Mala YO,” we find Natti Natasha as a sexy devil who enjoys luring men into her devilish layer-a Poker table. She finds these men at clubs and wins them over with her sexy dance moves and sizzling hot dresses. The men are too drunk and busy to notice how Natti’s eyes glow in red, and those are not contact lenses!

We certainly know that the Poker dealer, also a girl, is an assistant of Natti Natasha. When Natti reveals her Poker hand, we see a hearts Royal Straight Flush. That is the point when the guys realize that there is something supernatural going on. But it’s already too late. However, one thing we did notice is that Natti throws all her five cards on the table revealing the Royal Straight Flush. But realistically, she should only be holding the two cards she was dealt with. Well, who has time for Poker accuracy in a sexy music video!

Good fame, good life I give myself I do
not think about yesterday, I only live in today
Many fall short beside me
Wishing to have All this power
Everyone looks at me when I move
That the hand that does not fear rises up
This is a game of two, but here I
send Put to send fire

A rough translation of the lyrics of “Pa Mala YO”

You can download the single on iTunes.

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