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Future – Solitaires Ft. Travis Scott | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Future released his eighth studio album ‘High Off Life’ on May 15, 2020 and needless to say it is a banger. “Solitaires” is the fourth song on the tracklist of the album and one of the fan favourites, partly due to its beat and partly due to its feature-Travis Scott.

On the track, Future and Travis Scott take on a familiar topic discussing their lavish lifestyles with riches and women. The lyrics also mention the ongoing Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, however seemingly impossible, to still talk about their wealth.

On the hook by Travis Scott, the rapper talks about his girl in comparison to a diamond in his life. He compares her to the moon who lights up the entire night all by its lonesome. That’s what a good girl can do.

Listen to “Solitaires” by Future and Travis Scott

In the first verse by Future, we hear him boasting about his Richard Mille expensive wristwatch, Louis Vuitton high-end clothing, Prada luxury clothing, and a Lamborghini car. He also adds that he “came up off a brick” which has several annotations. “Brick” is slang for cocaine. However, Future might be trying to say that he is in such heights now, but he still started off the height of a brick.

Future also drops the phrase “Coronavirus diamonds” followed by “you can catch the flu.” The rapper could be alluding that his addiction to diamonds is spreading like the flu.

In the second verse of “Solitaires,” Future confirms that a Lamborghini car is the ultimate gold-digging tool. He says women fall for his car as if they would not fall for the diamonds around his neck.

“I know how to sell narcotics,” well, Future did say that he came up off of a ‘brick.’

Travis Scott’s verses also adds luxurious texture to the track. He says that he has a choice of seven houses in four cities. He also mentions the legendary entrepreneur Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy, to say that Scott leads a life par to the legend. Hugh Hefner is known to lead the ‘Playboy Mansion’ which hosts the most outrageous parties with bikini-clad models.

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