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Ella Mai Premiers “Shot Clock” Single and Video (Review)

Ella Mai returns to music in 2019 with a brand new single and a music video. “Shot Clock” is the 7th track on Ella Mai’s debut studio album released on October 12, 2018. In the new video, Ella Mai sets her clock to 24 seconds for the guys to try and impress her before clock runs out.

Ella Mai was one of the major breakthrough artists of 2018 with her lead single “Boo’d Up” released in February 2018. The song reached #5 on Billboard Hot 100, making it the 24-year-old’s first mark on the chart. The song is marked 4x Platinum by RIAA as of now. She also released a second single “Trip” in August 2018, that is marked Platinum by RIAA.

“Shot Clock” music video is directed by Colin Tilley and features a moody Ella Mai singing about how she is getting impatient about all the boys who waste her time. ‘Shot clock’ is a phrase from basketball–which means a clock used to speed up the game–the team on offense gets a limited time to make a shot or loses the posession of the ball.

In the song, Ella Mai gives her boyfriends 24 seconds to make their case and win her forever. If not, she does not have time for time wasters.

Watch Ella Mai in “Shot Clock” Music Video

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