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FINNEAS’ “New Girl” is Borderline Psychotic! Watch the New Video

You may have seen or heard the name FINNEAS in the sidelines of Billie Eilish’s articles on Justrandomthings. But he is the mastermind behind composition of lyrics and music of almost all of Billie Eilish’s global hits. On top of being Billie’s brother, FINNEAS is also a singer, songwriter and a producer. And this time we have new music by FINNEAS, talking about his “New Girl.”

The new song does not seem to be a part of an album as of the information available yet. However, the song is very catchy and has the fans wondering where he has been all this time. “New Girl” song and video is written, produced and performed by the 21-year-old FINNEAS.

“New Girl” video presents a sweet-looking relationship between FINNEAS and his new girlfriend. Everything seems to be going quite ‘okay’ until we realize there is something a bit off with this girl. But by the time FINNEAS realizes this, he is hit on the back of the head with a shovel and is laying on the ground with a nose bleed.

At a glance, we can see that FINNEAS’ new girl is a bit of a freak. She looks and acts frisky, but FINNEAS, and most of us, would debit that as a good thing. But it’s checkmate for FINNEAS.

Watch “New Girl” Video by FINNEAS

FINNEAS announced that he will be joining her sister’s ‘WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP’ world tour. So we will be able to catch the siblings on tour.

Drop in your thoughts about the new single and music video by FINNEAS. Does talent run in this family or what! Read the complete lyrics below.

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