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Is Eminem Dropping Hints at New Album in Christmas 2021?

Eminem’s 2020 double-album project ‘Music to Be Murdered By’ and ‘Side B’ was on a whole other level. It is hard to imagine how Eminem can even outdo himself on the upcoming albums. But, throughout MTBMB, Em kept on saying that he is not done.

You know, I’ve been around for a while now
Not sure if I have much left to prove
Yeah I do, haha

Eminem – “Higher”

So, at least we know that Eminem has more stuff to get off his chest. This is good for hip-hop and rap as it seems like Em is one of the very few emcees who keep on adding ‘value’ to the game.

Anyway, back to the topic. When is Eminem going to drop his new album?

We know that ‘Music To Be Murdered By’ had some hints about his upcoming projects.

Eminem referenced Nas on several tracks and hip-hop group EPMD on “Higher.” On August 6, 2021, comes the first-ever Nas x Eminem collaboration on a track titled “EPMD 2” with EPMD also featured on the track.

On “You Gon’ Learn” track from ‘Music To Be Murdered By,’ Eminem hinted at the ‘Side B’ project; “Thought my name was B-side ’cause they flipped over my tape.”

In the lyric video for “Tone Deaf,” fans spotted another hint for a possible ‘Music To Be Murdered By: Side C’ project.

In the brand new collab “EPMD 2,” Eminem goes into a rather strange tangent on Christmas.

I got no L’s (Noels) like Christmas, you don’t wanna make the claws (Claus) come out (Nah)

Christmas and Santa Claus go hand-in-hand. But is Eminem trying to say that his claws are coming out at Christmas as well?

On “Tone Deaf” from ‘MTBMB,’ Eminem also references Christmas;

Paul’s askin’ for Christmas off again
I said, “No,” then I spit this song for him

Paul Rosenberg is Eminem’s manager. Why cannot Eminem let that poor man get a break during Christmas? Maybe he will have a lot of work to do towards Christmas 2021?

Also, Eminem released ‘Side B’ of ‘MTBMB’ on December 18, 2020. So, some consistency in releasing music to be expected?

Also, we can look at the final track/outro on ‘Music To Be Murdered By: Side B’ for some hints. In this outro, named “Alfred (Outro),” Eminem gives an Alfred Hitchcock-themed farewell to the album. However, one dialogue also says “If you haven’t been murdered, I can only say / Better luck next time.” This might be a hint at another edition of ‘Music To Be Murdered By’?

Is an ‘MTBMB: Side C’ album in the works?

Let us know what you think about these theories in the comments below?

Update: September 21, 2021

Fredwreck, a frequent producer for Eminem, dropped a rather intriguing picture on his Twitter. The picture is a skyline capture of Detroit and had the caption “Mowtown” with emojis of a microphone and musical notes.

Although this is very generic, Eminem fans went on to interpret into their long-rumored fantasy of a new Eminem album dropping in 2021. On one far away building in the picture, are the numbers “1001,” which could stand for October 1st that happens to be a Friday. Fridays are the most popular album release dates right now.

To add to the smoke, Fredwreck also posted an interesting picture on his Instagram stories. This was a drawing of what seems to be the home Eminem grew up in. Famously, this picture of his house was used as the ‘Marshall Mathers LP’ and ‘MMLP 2’ album artworks. This sparked a massive rumor that ‘MMLP 3’ is on the way and is dropping on October 1, 2021.

We were excited for ‘MTBMB: Side C,’ but if we are honest, we, the entire industry, could use an ‘MMLP 3’ album right now.

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