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Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande Flaunt All the Curves in “Bed” Music Video (Review)

Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande have collaborated 3 times before “Bed,” and this track marks one of the hottest collaborations in recent Pop music. The song appears in Nicki Minaj’s upcoming fourth studio album titled ‘Queen.’ So far, we have seen “Chun-Li” and “Rich Sex” singles off of the album, and one thing all these videos have in common is Nicki flaunting her curvaceous body.

Previously Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande have collaborated on “Bang Bang,” “Get On Your Knees,” and “Side To Side.” Needless to say, all these collaborations have been nothing short of extreme hotness.

The new song “Bed” speaks about how she is infatuated with her lover that she has his name marked on her bed.

Watch the Sexy “Bed” Music Video

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“Bed” music video barely has any beds in it. But it has plenty of curves from both Nicki and Ariana Grande. Nicki Minaj goes the extra mile for her song by getting drenched on the beach with very sultry clothes.

The lyrics to “Bed” mostly wind around acts of sex. It goes into quite explicit details in some cases to describe her affection towards him. However, this track takes a different direction than her previous releases from the upcoming ‘Queen’ album.

Nicki Minaj does not forget to include a shoutout to her record label partner and collaborator-Lil’ Wayne about playing his ‘Carter III’ album on repeat.

‘Queen’ album is expected to release on August 10, 2018.

We think Nicki Minaj is creating some sexual tension among us with her new releases and we would expect more to come with her new album on the verge of releasing. Let us know what you think about the lyrics and the video.

Full Lyrics to “Bed” by Nicki Minaj


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