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Watch Jonas Brothers Parody “Year 3000” with “Year 2019” with James Corden

The Jonas Brothers hype is back.

After dropping their reunion single “Sucker” and the music video featuring each Jonas’ fiance’s and girlfriends, the boy band marked their official return to music after 6 years. And the fans have been eagerly waiting for this moment.

In lieu of their return to music, The Late Late Show with James Corden invited the Jonas trio to appear on their show and talk about their reunion. They talked about “years of therapy” that took for this reunion and their plans for an upcoming album.

In one of the segments from The Late Late show, Jonas Brothers performed a parody of one of their hit tracks from 2006. Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas and Nick Jonas put a fresh spin on their hit song “Year 3000” to relate it more to current affairs; hence the new parody is titled “Year 2019.”

Not only the Jonas Brothers got to perform on the show live, but they were joined with the host of the show James Corden dressed in a very 2000’s style. The plot is James Corden is back to 2006 from 2019 from a time machine he has. And he enlightens the Jonas boys on what’s going on in 2019.

In this parody, they talk about things like Trump being president, a shout out to Kanye West, the infamous Snapchat filters, TV on the mobile phones, the dance move ‘flossing,’ which Joe Jonas actually shows during the performance. They also shout out to Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock for making it big as an actor. Also they sing about the Kardashians pretty much ruling the entire social network platforms.

Watch “Year 2019” Parody by Jonas Brothers with James Corden

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Check out the lyrics for the parody below.

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