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BTS Premiers Vibrant “Boy With Luv” Video with Halsey

The K-Pop supergroup BTS may have the biggest Korean album release in 2019 with their latest ‘Map of The Soul-Persona’ album. The album, released on April 12, is the group’s first attempt at going global after their breakthrough success with ‘Love Yourself’ trilogy albums. The new album is already headed for top chart positions and “Boy With Luv” song is a major aid in this.

“Boy With Luv” or “작은 것들을 위한 시” (roughly translated to ‘poems for small things’ is a collaboration with another massive star-Halsey. The K-Pop group takes the concept of visual design to a whole new level in this vibrant music video.

The entire album ‘Map of The Soul-Persona’ seems to be a dedication towards human feelings. The title track “Persona” was teased a week ago with a rap by RM of the group, that talked about personalities. This new track “Boy With Luv” talks about being deep in love and all the crazy emotions involved with it.

BTS members sing about wanting to know what she does, how her day went, what she wants and to text with her all day. Other members join in by singing how they want her pictures under their pillow on their beds so they could feel close to her at all times.

The “Without Me” singer Halsey chimes in on different parts of the song to tell about how she is committed to the guy. And she talks about ‘Icarus Wings’ and how she would use them to fly close to him, as opposed to flying close to the Sun as narrated in the popular lore.

The entire music video for “Boy With Luv” looks super fun and hyper as the members execute a perfectly choreographed dance routine throughout the song. The kick off the video with a dance infront of a building which hold a ‘Persona’ sign reminscing the album title.

The music video for “Boy With Luv” has pretty much gone viral as the video has accumulated over 80 million views within just 24 hours of release. As of now this is the second fastest video to do so and would very well reach 100 million by the days end. BTS is closely followed by their peers BLACKPINK with their latest release “Kill This Love.”

2019 sure seems like the year for K-Pop music to rule over the world.

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