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Lauren Jauregui’s “More Than That” Video Is Artistically Explicit

Lauren Jauregui launched here solo music career in new year 2019 with a brand new single and music video titled “More Than That.” We reviewed the lyrics to the song as Lauren being hit-on by a guy at the club when she is there with her man. The song made us believe that she was going to give him a try if he was willing to show that he could treat her better. But the brand new music video is a complete twist on the genders we assumed in the lyrics review.

The Lauren Dunn directed and Lauren Jauregui co-directed, music video shows Lauren Jauregui hitting the club. But she is with her girl squad and there are only sexy female strippers at the club. The “he” that gives Lauren the ‘looks’ is not present in the music video. It’s all ‘she’s.

“More Than That” music video builds on the fact that nobody has to stick to gender stereotypes. There is only one male in the music video and he is a waiter who awkwardly passes by looking at Lauren Jauregui on the dance floor.

However, the music video is quite explicit. There are many sexy and semi-nude strippers doing some mind-bending pole dances. The scantily clad clothes often tend to fail to serve their purpose! The video has been able to capture the ‘divine feminity’ to it’s fullest through these gorgeous ladies.

Even Lauren Jauregui appears in a see-through clothing when posing for the infamous ‘Birth Of Venus’ painting by Sandro Botticelli.

Watch “More Than That” Video by Lauren Jauregui

This song follows her debut solo release “Expectations” after the split from Fifth Harmony in 2018.

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