the weeknd Beauty Behind The Madness album preview review

What to Expect from The Weeknd’s ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’ Album

The crazy hair guy of music AKA The Weeknd is just a few days away from releasing his second studio album, titled ‘Beauty Behind The Madness.’ The release date of the album is set to August 28, 2015. But of course, the album has already leaked online. Don’t listen to the leak, as The Weeknd has officially released a collection of previews from every song from the album. We have that coming up just below this read. So keep reading.

‘Beauty Behind The Madness’ album will be released under Republic record label and will contain 14 tracks. No deluxe versions of the album has been announced yet. Most likely there will be none. But that is not an issue to be worried when it comes to a Weeknd album. Because usually it is all good music throughout the album.

Official Tracklist of ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’ Album

1. Real Life
2. Losers featuring Labrinth
3. Tell Your Friends
4. Often
5. The Hills
6. Acquainted
7. Can t Feel My Face
8. Shameless
9. Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey)
10. In The Night
11. As You Are
12. Dark Times featuring Ed Sheeran
13. Prisoner featuring Lana Del Rey
14. Angel

So, there are two unheard features coming up in the album and we are super excited for them. One track titled “Dark Times” featuring Ed Sheeran and another track titled “Prisoner” featuring Lana Del Rey. Both promise to be golden music. You can listen to the snippet of these tracks in the released preview of the full album.

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Listen to a Snippet Preview of ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’

Two singles of the album has us already drooling over for some new music from The Weeknd. “Earned It” was a huge sensation as it got included in the OST for Fifty Shades of Grey movie. It’s hot! The second single “Can’t Feel My Face” is still standing strong on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. So the two singles has given us so much hope and The Weeknd usually doesn’t disappoint.

Listen to the previews gifted to you by the man himself. Refrain from downloading the leak (even if you do, buy an original copy as well).

Make sure to leave a comment about the upcoming album by The Weeknd. What are your hopes for the album? We call it a number one album. Let’s find out in a few weeks.

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