pump university episode 3 style 101

Lil Pump Teaches a Class on ‘Style 101’ at Pump University (Ep. 3)

Welcome to a brand new episode of Pump University conducted by the one and only Professor Pump!

In this third episode of the series, Dr. Pump, the world’s smartest doctor, takes you through how to be swag. ‘Style 101’ is the theme of this episode and he has previously conducted online classes on ‘Health 101‘ and ‘Success 101.’ In this new episode Dr. Pump drops some very valid and nonesensical Lil Lessons for life.

Lil Lesson 01: drip or die

“Here at Pump University, everybody’s dripping. The lunch lady, the janitor, the librarians, everybody. The principal’s got to be dripping the most.”

Dr. Pump also brings in a student who has excelled in his Style 101 classes to show his new drip.

Lil Lesson 02: tattoos

“It’s important to have tattoos, becasue it gives you more clout. That’s the only reason.”

A small math lesson to go along with the above Lil Lesson: “more tattoos = more clout.”

Lil Lesson 03: do art

“I suck at drawing. But that doesn’t matter at Pump University.”

“Pump University is a place where you could be the biggest fuck up and still be successful,” says Dr. Pump.

Lil Pump seems to be continuing on his online mentoring programs with these short and funny videos. The videos surfaced after Pump dropped his most anticipated studio album ‘Harverd Dropout‘ in 2019.

Check out the video below and leave a comment on this episode on ‘Style 101’ by Professor Pump in the comments below.

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