DJ Khaled is Mad His Album Isn’t Number 1

Hello everyone. Let’s talk about the Billboard top 200 album chart for this week. As of today, June 8 of 2019, our good friend Billie Eilish, the industry plant is on the number one spot. Let’s observe the other albums around here. At number three, we have IGOR album review, by hip-hop’s one of the most polarizing rappers, Tyler, the Creator, which was actually number one a few days ago. But let’s talk about DJ Khaled’s new album.

In between these hot albums, we have the worst album, from Father of Asahd album review, with no artistic taste other than a lot of producers and singers brought together by DJ Khaled. Apparently, DJ Khaled is not happy about the placement of his annoying album on the Billboard chart.

For a while, there were some rumors that DJ Khaled is mad at his label and at the whole music industry that his album isn’t number one. Apparently, he also went to social media to confirm that all the rumors are true. He was expressing his frustration on the now-deleted Instagram post.

Apparently, according to the legend of the legends, DJ Khaled, the albums that beat his new album aren’t “real music”. People aren’t listening to those albums since they are mysterious albums that no one listens to. Ironically, these are the albums that are predominantly killing it on the streaming world.

My point is, the albums that Khaled calls “not real music” are beating his album number wise in streams. People actually have to click on them and voluntarily listen to them so as to get streams. The metric of his point that if music playing at the barber’s shop, the album must be amazing, is absolutely annoying.

The question that’s been bugging me is, what’s wrong with number two? Has your mediocrity not taken you far enough? Can we let the artists who have actually put quite a bit of artistry into their music be on the top? Maybe we should learn to appreciate the creativity, cutting edge and unique production on Billie Eilish record, “WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO“.

Khaled’s indignant whining and complaining here is disgusting. At the end of the day, all it really shows is how out of touch he really is. I mean, of course, DJ Khaled would have no clue whatsoever on why Billie Eilish record or Tyler, the Creator record would outperform his since he has no connection to the type of audiences attracted to such artists.

DJ Khaled is the worst example of featuring on music culture. If the mechanism of music features was not a thing, DJ Khaled wouldn’t have a career. Let’s think about it, if we let DJ Khaled to actually make all of his albums himself, it would be nothing but just “we the best music” repeating over and over again.

At the end of the day, i don’t really have any issues with this. If this is how DJ Khaled wants to make his money, get famous and be successful, then go for it. I mean if that is all he’s been doing, honestly, I’d have no reason to say anything that I’m saying right now.

But if you’re going to get on social media and get mad about the reality aspect while demeaning other artists with actual talents simultaneously, it is very evident that Khaled is a narcissist. I’m sorry for the annoying rant here but I just think DJ Khaled is completely out of touch.

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