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PewDiePie Drops “Mine All Day” Minecraft Music Video (Lyrics Review)

So we finally have the PewDiePie’s take on Minecraft parody videos. And this one is called “Mine All Day,” why not right?

Just a few months back CaptainSparklez scored massive success on “Revenge” Minecraft parody video done for Usher’s “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love Again” hit track. The tagline of the song “Creeper, aww man!” became an Internet sensation overnight. The music video has gained over 210 million views on YouTube as of now.

PewDiePie comes back with his own edition of an original Minecraft song and music video. Music by Party In Backyard, lyrics by David Paul Brown and PewDiePie, and animations were done by AndyBTTF.

At the beginning of the song, PewDiePie does not forget to shout out to CaptainSparklez’ “Revenge” by shouting out its tagline “Aww man.” Then he proceeds to sing about life in Minecraft.

The animated video draws inspiration from PewDiePie’s recent Minecraft survival series. He built a giant Swedish meatball within the game, which is also mentioned in the lyrics of this song. His idea of “h*es and b*tches” in-game are an actual iron hoe and the wolves he has made his pets. His closest in-game companion ‘Swen’ the wolf-dog is also given a shoutout in the song.

PewDiePie became the first person to reach 100 million subscribers on YouTube in August 2019. He also manages to sneak in this into his lyrics; “I got the best life it’s easy to see/and a 100 million people agree.” Watch the music video below.

PewDiePie also goes into a ballistic rap verse in “Mine All Day” song. He raps about being fully enchanted in his diamond armour–which is the best protection one could wear in the game. For this bit, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg AKA PewDiePie appears in flesh with two other friends wielding Minecraft props.

What do you think about this Minecraft song by PewDiePie? Drop a comment below. Read the complete lyrics next.

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