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Tove Lo Drops a Vertical Video for “Glad He’s Gone” with Basically More Butts

Tove Lo’s latest single “Glad He’s Gone” is certainly something out of the ordinary colour palette.

The 31-year-old Swedish singer is known for her NSFW live performances. And this track may be taking it to another level, as she spreads some unconditional love for her BFF who is going through a breakup. Tove Lo explains her BFF all the benefits of being single, such as; multiple penises, never going dry, dancing all night, late night parties, getting hit on by guys at clubs and the list goes on.

We’ve all been on both sides of the breakup pep talk with our friends and we all know how good it feels to get your partner in crime back when they finally leave that fuckboy (or girl!) behind.

Tove Lo/Twitter

“Glad He’s Gone” is the first track for 2019 and the first single off of Tove Lo’s upcoming 4th studio album titled ‘Sunshine Kitty.’ The song came out last week along with a lyric video, which wasn’t much of a lyric video, to begin with. The minimalistic style, Tove Lo pant-less and an extra-long sleeve shirt were some signature features in the video.

Piling up on the last week’s release, Tove Lo premiered a vertical video for the song today. Although, this video contains some scenes from the previous lyric video, it also adds a few more scenes and some unseen angles from the previous shoot.

If Tove Lo was mooning the fans in the previous lyric video, she does the same twice as much in the new video. And we don’t hear anybody complaining. Rather, we find females questioning their heterosexuality after watching this video!

The simplistic style of video direction has been credited to Thibaut Duverneix, while the recording of the video has been credited to Moni Haworth & Garrett Guidera.

Watch the vertical video for “Glad He’s Gone” by Tove Lo below.

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