Rich Brian – Yellow Ft. Bekon (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“Yellow” is the first single released off of Rich Brian’s second studio album ‘The Sailor’ expected in July 2019. The song gained worldwide attention due to its raw lyrics and emotional power. The single also features producer Bekon, marking their first collaboration.

Brian Immanuel better known by his stage name Rich Brian is an Indonesian singer and rapper. He released his debut studio album titled ‘Amen’ in 2018, which also gained worldwide attention. The follow-up album ‘The Sailor’ is expected to bring the much-deserved spotlight on the artist.

“Yellow” is a confessional ballad filled with some powerful emotions. “How do I disappear without anybody knowing?” Brian kicks off the song and sends us into a frenzy of bizarre emotions in the music video released as well. With Pitchfork magazine, Rich Brian explained his message behind the song;

“I want kids from all over the world to feel like they can make it no matter where they’re from… I see myself in the same boat that many have travelled in before in hopes of reaching something better. This song is for the past, present, and future generations who brave new worlds with nothing guaranteed.”

Watch “Yellow” Video by Rich Brian

In the first verse of “Yellow,” Brian confesses to his own demises such as liquor, suicidal thoughts and possibly depression. The music video supports these concepts by showing Brian stuck inside a plastic wrapping, unable to breathe and trapped! The whole idea behind his suicidal thoughts is his belief of “they gon’ love me when I’m gone.”

In the second verse, however, things turn around. Rich Brian assumes some extraterrestrial level of confidence and spreads it. ‘Ice’ could refer to the drug or jewellery. Either way, Brian says that he doesn’t need either to feel like he is young. This is also a reference to the statement made by 21 Savage that he has quit buying jewellery.

Rich Brian also steps up his ego boost by mentioning a certain female who ‘swallows’ his sons. This is a reference to oral sex. The outro to the song also highlights an important fact-people are only focused on blaming others and pointing fingers at others, usually for many global issues. But no one is willing to change themselves to take an initiative.

Let us hear what you think about “Yellow” single by Rich Brian and Bekon. What are your expectations for this upcoming album? Leave a comment below.

Complete Lyrics to “Yellow” by Rich Brian

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