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Harry Styles – Lights Up (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Harry Styles released a brand new single “Lights Up” today to the much surprise and content of the fans who have been waiting since his debut studio album released in 2017.

The former One-Directioner released his debut solo album titled ‘Harry Styles’ in May 2017 which produced the massive hit “Sign of The Times” single. Hence, the new song marks his return to music in over 2 years and the superstar had no intentions of promoting the single prior to its release.

The music video finds Harry Styles bare-chested and surrounded by scantily-clad women groping on him mainly. The scenes alternate between that to him riding a motorbike in the backseat to him standing solemnly in what seems like a hotel room.

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“Lights Up” by Harry Styles seem to address something personal to the singer. The song was released on October 11, a day that is widely regarded as ‘National Coming Out Day’ in reference to speaking up about one’s homosexuality. Although there have been many claims of Harry’s homosexuality, he has not made any public remark accepting the claims. It is also noteworthy that the music video doesn’t only contain scantily-clad women. There are a couple of men in the mix too. At 2 minute 13-second mark, you can clearly see Harry leaning on a man’s shoulder. Whilst this is not concrete proof of his bisexuality, this could be a sign.

In the chorus of the song, Harry sings that all the lights being unable to clear out the darkness in his heart. The darkness could be a reference to his suppressed sexuality, fall back from One Direction, or even something even more private. Whichever it is, he clearly has issues moving forward.

There are also a few lyrics that suggest Harry Styles could very well be talking about his former affiliation with One Direction. In the first verse, he sings “It’d be so sweet if things just stayed the same.” In the bridge, he sings “I’m not ever going back,” which could be a direct message to his fans and 1D members about having any hopes of a band reunion.

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