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Katy Perry – Harleys In Hawaii (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“What do you get when you rent a motorcycle for a weekend with your boyfriend in Hawaii? A love song of course. 🌺” Tweeted Katy Perry announcing the release of her third single “Harleys In Hawaii” from her upcoming fifth studio album. She also premiered a sensual and passionate music video along with the single release.

The new single follows “Never Really Over” and “Small Talk” released earlier this year. Perry’s fifth studio album is expected to release later in 2019.

Coincidentally, “Never Really Over” single was predicted to be a tribute to Katy’s now engaged boyfriend Orlando Bloom, with whom she had an on-and-off relationship since 2016. In February 2019, the two announced their engagement. However, it is also noteworthy how Katy Perry refers to the man in the video as ‘boyfriend’ and also engages in a steamy and hot kissing session. Watch the music video below.

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The music video, directed by Manson collective Pau Lopez, Gerardo del Hierro, and Tomas Pena, shows Katy Perry enjoying a relaxing vacation in Hawaii. She is seen riding Harley Davidson motorbikes, sipping margaritas, doing karaoke, hula hooping, dipping in the ocean and getting intimate with her boyfriend.

Riding the motorbike is also a metaphor for the couple’s relationship cruising through paved highway-no humps and no slowing down. Another metaphor used in the song is comparing the revving engine of the Harley Davidson motorbike to the heightening excitement of thrill they both feel when they get physical and intimate.

The lyric “I’ll be your baby, on a Sunday” could be a reference to a church wedding, which would spell out to be an ultimate dream to be wedded in a church on a Sunday in Hawaii.

Katy Perry also imagines herself hula hooping for her man which makes him wanna buy shiny jewellery for Katy. The lyrics describe the perfect fantasies unfolding in the paradise island of Hawaii.

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In the behind-the-scenes video released by Katy Perry, she confesses that she got herself a motorcycle driving license just for her scene in the video. She wanted to do justice to the theme of the song and not restrict the Harleys in the video for a few split seconds. And Katy also confesses that she had never ridden a motorcycle on an open road before this music video. Cheers for the firsts!

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