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MGK Talks About Feud with Eminem, Calls Him “Dumbass” in Interview with ‘The Breakfast Club’

Machine Gun Kelly appeared on ‘The Breakfast Club 105.1 FM’ today and went on to talk about a wide array of topics. Hosted by DJ Envy and co-hosted by Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee, ‘The Breakfast Club’ is a morning program show which features hottest artists from the hip-hop game. Given the sudden buzz around his name, Machine Gun Kelly was featured on today’s show. There, he went on to talk about the ongoing feud with Eminem, “KILLSHOT,” “Rap Devil” diss, G-Eazy, Halsey and his new EP ‘Binge.’

MGK Talks About Calling Eminem’s 16-Year-Old Daughter “Hot”

The group of people with MGK focus their attention on the ongoing feud between him and Eminem. MGK talks about the roots of this feud, as being his Tweet from 2012 about Eminem’s daughter, Hailie Mathers. MGK admits that he stepped out of line calling Em’s 16-year-old daughter “hot,” but he also says that he did not mean it in any ‘sexual’ way. He also says that he feels as if a public apology regarding this is unnecessary considering Eminem is known to diss and publicly attacks anybody he wishes. However, in the last interview done by Eminem on Shade 45, he expressed that the reason for this feud is not the comment about his daughter, but rather something much pettier.

Machine Gun Kelly also says that Eminem lied about Jimmy Iovine and Puff did call him at 9 am to warn about getting on the bad side of Eminem. However, Eminem denied any kind of conversation such as this happening during his Shade 45 interview.

Kelly On Rumors That Feud with Eminem is a Ploy

There have been news on the grapevine that this overblown feud, that sprung out of nowhere, is actually a marketing strategy for both Eminem and MGK. They are both signed for Interscope Records label. The rumours sparked as both diss tracks “Rap Devil” by MGK and “KILLSHOT” by Eminem had the same producer-Ronny J.

MGK disregards this sarcastically saying “oh man, that’d be great! That’d be a big help.” MGK calls using Ronny J as it being ‘equal playing grounds.’

MGK Says He Has Sold Over 20 Million Records

Machine Gun Kelly addresses Eminem’s diss on “KILLSHOT” of him saying that this petty feud would just make MGK bigger. To this MGK responds that he has sold over 20 million records. MGK’s biggest hits include “Till I Die” (sales over 1 million), “Bad Things” (sales over 5 million), “Wild Boy” (sales over 4 million) and “At My Best,” “Bloom,” “Lace Up” and “Invincible” all recording over 500,000 sales each (via RIAA). Hence, it is not hard to believe that MGK would have sold over 20 million records.

MGK Gets Agitated About Being Called Out on His Man Bun

Machine Gun Kelly throws a fit when the hots bring up about the diss on his appearance by Eminem on “KILLSHOT.” Eminem called out MGK being a fake gangster who has a man bun. MGK says he did it for a role in a movie and Em should just talk about the facts rather than commenting on appearances. But MGK forgets that he called out Eminem about his ‘weird beard’ and being short on “Rap Devil.”

Kelly gets very agitated once more while reminiscing about how Eminem called him a ‘mumble rapper’ on “KILLSHOT.” He pours out his drink, literally, in the studio, and says “can we pour some out for this old dumbass.”

Will MGK Reply to “KILLSHOT” by Eminem?

Charlamagne questions if MGK plans on replying to “KILLSHOT” diss by Eminem. Kelly says after listening to the shot that Em took, he decided against it as it was not even in his ‘path’ of attack. So, a reply to Em’s diss is unlikely unless he is further provoked.

MGK also says that he wrote, produced and performed the music video for “Rap Devil” all in under 4 hours. He listened to Eminem’s diss on “Not Alike” and produced “Rap Devil” within a day and released it the next day. He also calls out Eminem for releasing his response “KILLSHOT” two weeks later.

Watch MGK Interview on The Breakfast Club

After discussing the feud with Eminem, MGK and The Breakfast Club crew move on to speak about the ongoing feud with G-Eazy. MGK reassures that he did have sexual affairs with G-Eazy’s ex-gf, Halsey.

MGK confesses about his drug abuse during the interview and says that he might not slow down on it even after the recent deaths of Lil Peep and Mac Miller. He says he is aware of the consequences, but drugs are his only escape from this world.

Later he talks about his new EP ‘Binge’ dropping tonight 20th September 2018 and says that he wants nothing more to do with the feud with Eminem as he won the war.

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