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Jahseh Onfroy – Hot Gyal (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

For reasons beyond our control, Justrandomthings.com music blog will not be using Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy’s stage name in articles going forward. Instead, we will be addressing the late rapper by names Jahseh, Jahseh Onfroy, X or Tentacion. In this article, we delve into the lyrics and annotation of Jahseh’s latest music video “Hot Gyal” from his second posthumous album.

Jahseh Onfroy released his fourth studio album and the second posthumous album ‘Bad Vibes Forever’ on December 6, 2019. This album follows his ‘SKINS’ album released six months after the rapper was shot dead in Florida on June 18, 2018. The 25-track 2019 album had hits such as “HEARTEATER,” “Royalty,” “bad vibes forever,” “Ex B*tch” and more. Notable featured artists on the album are Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Noah Cyrus, PnB Rock, Stefflon Don, Joyner Lucas and blink-182.

“Hot Gyal” is the twelfth track on ‘Bad Vibes Forever’ album and features vocals by Tory Lanez and Mavado. Jahseh’s camp released a sensual music video for the track on December 11, 2019. Watch the video below.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Hot Gyal”

Jahseh performs the chorus and the first verse of the song and Tory Lanez and Mavado perform each verse on their own. The entire premise of the song is built on each rapper’s affection towards a certain ‘hot girl’ and how they presume sex would be with this person.


In the chorus of “Hot Gyal,” Jahseh talks about his affection towards this hot girl. He talks about his thirst to engage in physical indulgences with this girl, which he assumes would feel like the drug Ecstacy.

To be vexed is to be absolutely crazy about somebody. Jahseh does not merely want to make his relationship a one-night thing. But instead, he talks about having kids with her too.

Verse 1

We spoke too soon. In the first verse of the song, X has a different sentiment. He talks about dirty sex with this girl, who also seems to want the same thing, and saying ‘buh-bye’ to her in the morning. Whatever the case is, both of them seem to enjoy their passionate affairs a lot to continue the acts till late at night.

Verse 2

In the second verse by Mavado, the rapper compares the figure of this ‘hot girl’ to several gorgeous female celebrities. Her body is such a tease like that of Rihanna’s. Her chest like Brianna (who?). He also mentions singer Teyana Taylor, playing on the word that this girl’s body is tailormade to his whims. He also shoutouts to the American actress Taraji Henson.

In the latter part of Mavado’s verse, he goes on to praise the looks of his girl further. He says she is hot enough to shut down Instagram or rather break the social media platform. She is so hot that the governments flag her body and ban her body. Sounds to be the highest honor a hot girl could hope for!

Verse 3

Tory Lanez joins in on the third verse. He, too, goes on to admire the beauty of this woman, who has them all vexed. He invites her to his place for some Hennessy and sex. The rapper also makes a statement that “best sex comes from big stress.” Whether this is factual or not, Tory Lanez is living it up in this song and seems to have very less stress in his daily life. The only time he is stressed is when he is texting her to come over!

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