taylor swift loses mother in an elevator in japan

Only Taylor Swift Can Lose Her Mother Inside an Elevator!

Don’t worry, Andrea Swift is perfectly fine, and in fact nothing had happened to her. Taylor Swift is just being a silly goose. No one can lose track of your own mother INSIDE an elevator filled with people you know. You can, if you are Taylor Swift.

We reported that Taylor Swift looked gorgeous as she arrived in Tokyo, Japan for the Asian leg of The 1989 World Tour, which is about to commence in one day. She looked like the angel she is.The elevator incident happened on the same day, most likely getting out of the airport or getting into the hotel she stays in for the tour. Either way, someone caught it on tape and the shy and confused faces she makes in the video are just too adorable.

Watch the video below.


Andrea Swift was right beside her all the time, as she poked around calling “where’s mom?” LOL.

There is no doubt that The 1989 World Tour is going to be one of the biggest in the recent music history. Given that Taylor had to arrange for extra days at some locations goes on to prove how popular Taylor Swift is around this time of her career. I can only predict this fame and fortune to grow in the future.

Stay tuned with us for more 1989 World Tour updates.

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