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Watch Bebe Rexha’s Vertical Video for “Last Hurrah” (Review)

After her massively successful official music video drop for “Last Hurrah,” Bebe Rexha hits us back with a brand new vertical video for the song.

As per Rexha “Last Hurrah” official music video got her dad not talking to her for days. One can understand her dad’s emotions when you do watch it. The song is about a final blowout party during a weekend before she cleans her act up starting Monday. And her parties are WILD!

The brand new vertical video, however, has little memories of the chaotic official music video. This version has Bebe Rexha dressed in her ‘angel’ dress in the streets—possibly in the same location used in her official music video.

The entire vertical video is of Bebe Rexha performing the song and the video zooming in and out of her theatrically. The singer does show a lot of emotions while singing how she is done with all the drinking and partying up and only needs one more night of his “pure nirvana.”

The vertical video focusing entirely on the 29-year-old Albanian singer is also a dedication of her gorgeous body. She flaunts some outstanding curves with her poses in the video.

Hope her dad starts talking with her after this ‘angelic’ vertical video!

Watch the vertical video for “Last Hurrah” below and leave a comment about the video after the jump. Which video do you like the best?

You can purchase the single on iTunes now.

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