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Boogie Drops “Rainy Days” Video with Eminem (Review)

Boogie dropped his debut studio album ‘Everything’s for Sale’ on January 25, 2019 and undoubtedly the most successful song on the album is one getting a hand by Eminem. Boogie is signed to ‘Shady Records’ run by Eminem.

Boogie’s debut studio album comes after a year of signing in with ‘Shady Records’ in October 2017. However, the wait was worth is, as he released some of the realest tracks on this album. “Rainy Days” is a collaboration between Boogie and Eminem, in which both artists speak about the state of rap and hip-hop today. Granted, Eminem gets into a ballistic mode as he points out facts about the deterioration of quality of music and defends his legacy.

The music video for “Rainy Days” portrays a psychotic backdrop, possibly portraying the minds of these artists. We see the artists performing inside a small room, with walls covered in scribblings of lyrics from the song. In Eminem’s backdrop, we see some heavy dark clouds hanging over him with lightning bolts.

Watch the music video below.

With this Eminem boost, Boogie is set to have a propelled career ahead.

The duo also performed their hit song live on Eminem’s Australian tour. Watch the performane from the Sydney concert below.

This will not be the last time we see Boogie and Eminem together.

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