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Lady Gaga & BLACKPINK – Sour Candy | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Lady Gaga spares no time since the release of her second single “Rain On Me” featuring Ariana Grande. A week later, the Mother Monster releases yet another massive collaboration, with K-Pop supergroup BLACKPINK. In their first-time collaboration together, they bring you “Sour Candy.”

“Sour Candy” appears in Lady Gaga’s upcoming sixth studio album ‘Chromatica’ expected on May 29, 2020. Surprisingly, the new single drops just one day ahead of the album release.

In this song, both the female artists sing about their personalities in comparison to candy; specifically to a sour candy. Because they can be so sweet in one second and all hell could break lose in the next. Especially if you ask them to be “nice,” you are in for a treat on the other end!

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In the Korean lyrics of the song, the girls sing that they do not wish to be changed. If they are too much to be handled or tolerated, the guys should tell right now so they could walk their separate paths. There is no need to “fix” her in this relationship. It’s only a matter of coping with who they are.

In the second verse by Lady Gaga, she emphasizes that women need to wear a hard shell on the outside to protect themselves. Without this shell, they will be exploited in a million ways. In a way, this is evolution: survival instincts.

But if a guy takes his time and proves his worthiness, her shell will soften for him. Then only you get to see and taste the sweet candy on the inside.

This all-female collaboration track is yet another banger, as well as a song for female empowerment. Let us hear what you think about this song in the comments below.

Check out the complete lyrics on Genius.

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