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Saweetie – Back to the Streets Ft. Jhené Aiko | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Saweetie dropped her latest single “Back to the Streets” teaming up with Jhene Aiko. The song stirred up some controversy on social media relating to some lyrics seemingly suggesting that without money a relationship is not worth it.

“Back to the Streets” is from Saweetie’s upcoming studio album ‘Pretty B*tch Music’ expected to release late 2020.

The lyrics to the song suggest how Saweetie will not be satisfied with a broken man in her life. She has expensive tastes and she needs them fulfilled. If he cannot, she will move on. This theme sparked some controversy on social media about the role of wealth in relationships.

Listen to “Back to the Streets” by Saweetie Ft. Jhene Aiko

“Back to the Streets” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review


In the chorus of the song, Saweetie sings about how she settles for nothing less than exceptional in every aspect of her life. From her clothes to her relationships, Saweetie wants everything in their top tiers. If her man cannot fulfill her wishes, he is kicked back to the streets where she found him, and she moves on.

Verse 1

In the first verse of the song, Saweetie continues the theme of the song. She claims she is high-maintenance and she would not change a thing about her. Only exclusives have access to her and if people cannot live up to her standards, she has no value for them.

Saweetie also labels her a ‘trophy wife,’ which means that it is considered a privilege for the man to have her in his life. And he’s gotta pay for that kind of clout.

Verse 2

Jhene Aiko’s second verse on the song is on point with the theme of the song. She also sings about being the top of the flock, and she can get rid of anybody in her life whenever she wants to. Especially when it comes to boys, she can get rid of them after she feels like she is done with them. She also claims that she passed on a boy to Saweetie for her to use and pass on. Jhene Aiko boasts that these boys should feel blessed that they were even part of her’s and Saweetie’s lives even for a moment.

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