Stop All Your Work, Listen to Taylor Swift’s Creepy and Adorable “Gremlin Voice”

Taylor Swift Gremlin Voice
Jack Antonoff Talks About Taylor Swift’s Gremlin Voice

This yet another Taylor Swift goofy moment. Who knew she could pull off such an adorable ‘Gremlin Voice’

Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff co-wrote ‘Out Of The Woods’ track on ‘1989’ album. When they were working on the lyrics they exchanged voice notes over their phones. The ‘Gremlin Voice’ comes out when Taylor is in doubt whether Antonoff will like what she had written. It’s a slow paced, deep pitched and melodramatic voice, and I love it.

Antonoff explains a typical conversation:

  • Taylor (singing) – “Are we out of the woods…”
  • Antonoff            – “OMG, what a brilliant melody and lyric…”
  • Taylor (normal) – “Anyway, that’s what I’m thinking…”
  • Antonoff            – “Taylor, they are brilliant…”
  • Taylor (shifts to Gremlin Voice) – “Let..Me..Know..If..You..Like..It..Or……”


After watching the video below you will understand this further. I’m sure all of you will fall in love with her Gremlin Voice as well. Seriously, isn’t there anything she is not perfect at? (I’m not really asking.)

In the interview Jack and Taylor are talking about a ‘Gremlin Shuffle’, wish we could get to hear that. The Gremlin Voice craze starts in….3….2…1…

Listen to the full conversation between Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff and Taylor’s Gremlin Voice


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