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Lana Del Rey – Blue Banisters | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Blue Banisters” is one of the three lead singles and the title track of Lana Del Rey’s upcoming 2021 album ‘Blue Banisters.’ The new single tackles the topic of difficulties Lana experiences in her relationships with men and how her female friends are there for her. The song and the lyrics may have very well been inspired by real-life events.

Lana Del Rey announced her eighth studio album ‘Blue Banisters’ expected to release on July 4, 2021. Along with the surprise announcement, Lana released three brand new singles off the album, along with the title track. It has only been just over a year when Lana released her previous project ‘Chemtrails Over the Country Club‘ in March 2020.

In the lyrics to “Blue Banisters,” Lana mentions several of her close friends such as Jenny and her sister Chuck Grant. She narrates conversations she had with people close to her about relationships. love, and life in general.

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“Blue Banisters” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Verse 1

In the first verse of the song, we get to hear a conversation Lana had with her friend Jenny. It is a fine afternoon in the Midwest and the besties are sipping beers in the living room. Jenny sees a picture of Lana on a John Deere tractor and asks how did you get on it. Before Lana could reply, Jenny answers herself “Oh, Oklahoma.” This could be a reference to the midwest region they live in–Tulsa, Oklahoma, where agriculture and related machinery are household items. It is the nature of the Midwest for everyone to be versed with machinery and equipment. Lana is no exception. Another explanation is that ‘love’ made her do it. Maybe the guy she was with at the time wandered into a field with her and decided to capture the photo. The ex-boyfriend’s name is now forbidden in the household so Jenny just references him as ‘Oklahoma.’

Lana Del Rey’s ex-boyfriend, Sean Larkin was an officer in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Verse 2

In the second verse, both Jenny and Lana venture down another memory. Jenny sees some flowers withering away on Lana’s dresser and asks where she got them from. Lana says she doesn’t remember because she has already shut down those hurtful memories with her ex. Jenny understands; “Oh, Oklahoma.”


Whether these lyrics are real-life inspired or not, it can be very true that most men would be intimidated by the legacy that Lana Del Rey carries at this point. Being one of the most successful artists of our time, Lana certainly has grown too big for the Midwest although her heart is still very much there. It would not surprise that any of her ex-boyfriends were intimidated by her success and wealth and fame.

She said “Most men don’t want a woman
With a legacy at our age”

Granted, this would make dating that much harder for Lana Del Rey. What can she do? “Be happy until you can’t.”


Lana, however, relapses to some old memories. She remembers how he promised that he would come to help her paint the banisters. Banisters are a fence-like structures built around the stairs climbing up to act as a support for the climber.

The color ‘blue’ is associated with emotions of sadness and depression. It is the opposite of the mood of warmth and love. Now that Lana’s lover is gone, her whole outlook on life has turned blue, just like the banisters she painted by herself.

Verse 3

The third verse sings about how Lana copes through her breakup with the help of her lady friends. Jenny, her sister, Nikki Lane, and possibly more console her or keep her distracted. She is thankful for them.

Verse 4

In the fourth verse, Lana gets direct about all the indirect references that have been dropped so far in the song. She speaks out about a man in her past who was supposed to be her future too. But he feels like a distant memory now. But some nights, he is as real as her friends sitting in front of her.


In the second chorus of the song, the mood changes a little. Lana sings that her lady friends come to her house to help her paint the banisters. And their choice of color is green. Green is a color of life, birth, and new beginnings. She has many things to look forward to in her life. Lana fondly sings about her dogs, Tex and Mex. She sings about her sister’s pregnancy.

Finally, she sings that her banisters now look green and grey. The green is from when she painted it with her friends. Blue is from when she was hoping to paint it with her ex. So, they painted over the blue, and the areas where blue and green mixed are now grey. It is a perfectly dull color to represent the exact emotions Lana has about the whole memory.

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Watch Lana Del Rey in “Blue Banisters” Music Video on a John Deere Truck

The music video also shows Lana and her friends painting banisters in blue.

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