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Aashika Reddy – Underneath the Mask | 13 YO’s Debut Sensation

It is not always that we come across a 13-year-old who blows us away with equally skillful vocals, lyrics, and star qualities. Aashika Reddy is of this caliber and we are happy to bring to you her debut original song “Underneath the Mask.”

The Toronto-based Aashika Reddy wrote “Underneath the Mask” on her own and released a commendable music video to compliment the song. She has been singing from the age of 6, and years of fine-tuning of her skill definitely show in this track. However, this is not the first time Reddy has graced us with her vocals as she posts covers of songs on her social media platforms YouTube, TikTok, Spotify, and Instagram.

Reaching out to JustRandomThings, Aashika spoke about the meaning behind her debut “Underneath the Mask;”

“Underneath the mask is a story about this girl that got out of a relationship. She’s spent so many hours crying over this person and finally decided that she was too good for him anyway. This song is about fake people and knowing your self-worth. I know so many people can relate to this because it’s a “universal experience” I always want to lift people up in my songs, not bring them down.”

Watch “Underneath the Mask” Music Video by Aashika Reddy

“Underneath the Mask” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

The ‘mask’ has been a universal symbol of hiding one’s true identity. A person can put on a metaphorical mask to make them look appealing. These are the fake people that Reddy sings about on her debut release.

Took me on the long drive over there
Soon knowing that I wasted my time with you.

Aashika talks about being in a wrong relationship, not knowing the true identity of the person she is with. However, any person can hide their true identity so far before the mask starts slipping off. Especially in a relationship, there is no room for masks. The true identity unravels at some point or the other. If you are fortunate enough, the truth will be revealed before irrecoverable mistakes are made in the relationship.

took me long enough to understand
That you had only cared about yourself

On top of a broken heart over lost love, Aashika also has to deal with the fact that she was lied to and mislead. This can be a lot to handle for any person. But at the end of the day, one should be happy that the lies did not last any longer. One should be happy that their ‘forever’ was not a lie all along. Seeing the positives of such a heartbreaking situation can be hard. But ‘you’ are the most important person after all.

This is why Aashika uses her debut single “Underneath the Mask” to spread the positive message of ‘self-love.’ Getting betrayed in relationships and heartbroken is part of the deal of life. However, despite the fact that you find your forever person at the age of 13 or keep getting your heart broken until you turn 30, one thing remains the same–learn to love yourself!

The first step towards happiness is knowing your self-worth and learning to love yourself. We thank Aashika Reddy for reminding us all of this important message in her debut single. We wish her all the best for an amazing career ahead and to become the kind of superstar she promises to be with her talents at such a young age.

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