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Louis Tomlinson – Written All Over Your Face | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

“Written All Over Your Face” is the second track on Louis Tomlinson’s 2022 album ‘Faith in the Future.’ The song talks about impending doom in the relationship and how the guy can see the signs clearly written all over her face.

Louis Tomlinson released his second studio album ‘Faith in the Future’ on November 11, 2022. In an interview, Louis revealed that he thought of the album title first and then built the album around it; “In lockdown, for whatever reason, that phrase found its way onto my lap and it spoke to me in a certain way. I wanted this album to feel more hopeful than my last record.”

In an interview with Euphoria magazine, Louis revealed that he wanted to take a punk music route for this song; “I went into the room with these people I’ve done a few sessions with, and I said, “Let’s try and take this as punk as I can get away with.” I suppose that’s where the Arctic Monkeys [inspiration] comes from; there are obviously punk elements within what they do.”

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Louis Tomlinson “Written All Over Your Face” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Louis Tomlinson comes crashing into the song just as the impending doom on her face. He can see the hurricane brewing up behind her impressionless face. The singer does say that he is ready for war–but he should not know that there are no winners in a war of hearts. Everyone loses.

In the first verse, Louis talks about a typical morning for them. She refuses the coffee he made for her, and he knows it’s about to hit the fan. They are both hungover from last night (maybe happy drinking or forget-your-problems drinking) and this only adds to the issue.

He can feel the air getting colder by the hour. It’s going to be another day of consistent back and forth about nothing.

And every time this happens, he knows they chip away at their connection until it will be hanging by a thread, and finally nothing at all.

In the second verse, they find themselves not having the energy to fight anymore. Silence could be worse than a full-blown fight. Silence speaks volumes and it says they are almost done. This is not a pretty or comfortable place to be in.

Louis remembers that when things are good between them, it is really good. And when things are bad, it is really bad. Lately, there’s been a lot more bad days than good.

Louis also uses symbols from the nature around us to paint a better picture of their situation and emotions. Hurricanes, thunder, and cold air, all represent dark and chaotic times. Nothing good ever came out of a hurricane, thunder, and cold air.

It is a far cry for the singer to suggest that they forget about the bad times and go back to making love. Even if they do, they are only plastering a pretty big hole in their relationship foundation with dozes of oxytocin.

This relationship is bound to crumble.

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