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Robbie Williams Performs “Angels” with Taylor Swift on ‘Reputation Tour’ UK

The ‘Reputation Tour’ is back in the UK after several concerts in Ireland, where Taylor Swift received a warm welcome by U2. The concert that unfolded at the Wembley Stadium on June 23rd received a surprise performance from the legendary Robbie Williams. This was the second show at the Wembley Stadium for a packed crowd of 90,000 fans.

The first concert at the Wembley Stadium on the ‘Reputation Tour’ happened on June 22nd and Niall Horan performed his hit single “Slow Hands” live with Taylor Swift.

The second back-to-back concert at the Wembley Stadium was surprised by Robbie Williams who performed his hit track “Angels” with Taylor Swift at the keyboards and helping with the lyrics as well.

Watch Robbie Williams Perform “Angels” at the ‘Reputation Tour’

Taylor Swift fangirled so hard on social media about the fact that Robbie Williams joined her on tour. She posted a lengthy caption along with some pictures from the live show and rehearsals.

Even Robbie Williams seemed to have been humbled with his performance on the ‘Reputation Tour.’ After the show, Williams took to Twitter to announce that he has developed a ‘proper crush’ now.

After the shortstop at London, the ‘Reputation Tour’ will return to the United States for an entire month. After this, the show will hit Canada. Check out the scheduled concert dates here.

It is truly wonderful to see music uniting artists across different backgrounds and nations. This brings out the true spirit of music.

Let us know what you think about this amazing live performance of “Angels” by these two artists.

Watch the full performance below.

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