Taylor Swift 1989 album leak

Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ Album Leaks Online. Here’s Why You Should Not Download It…

Taylor Swift’s upcoming 1989 album leaked just a few hours ago online. This has been the trend since last year or so. Pretty much every music album got leaked online just days before the official release date. I do not know how this happens, but it has been the same fate for numerous albums for a long time. So it is not surprising that such a heavily anticipated album like ‘1989’ got leaked just three days before it’s official release. In fact I anticipated this album leak.


Taylor Swift only releases an album every two years. So this means that one album is her two years of hard work–I mean extreme hard work. So don’t treat her tireless efforts like just a few megabytes you download casually off the Internet. It’s much valuable and precious to all of us.

Pre-order/buy Taylor Swift’s 1989 here: Amazon / iTunes

‘1989’ album specially marks a beginning of a new era for POP music as well as Taylor herself. So this would be the absolute worst album to cheat Taylor Swift on. This would be the perfect time to refrain yourself, contain yourself from looking for the album leak and download it illegally. It’s just THREE more days. Bear it with me and a million other Swifties out there.

Taylor Swift is looking at a WORLD RECORD with the release of this album, if everything goes perfectly. Taylor has equaled a record held by the great Beatles for selling three consecutive Platinum albums. Looking at the hype the ‘1989’ album has built so far, I think it would be quite safe to assume that this album too shall sell over a million copies (in the opening week itself, is my bet). Should that happen Taylor Swift will be  the only artist in the history of music to have FOUR consecutive platinum music albums. I believe this album will reach multi-platinum as well.

Download the leak, if you still pan on making the purchase…

I cannot stop you from searching for it and downloading the leak (Sorry, I will not post links to download anything). You can download the leak and try out the album. But make sure your original decision to buy the album stays unchanged. Every purchase helps Taylor reach her above World Record. Do buy the album.

I’m quite sure most of the Swifties out there will buy the album–not just one copy, but multiple copies to win FREE stuff from a raffle. Taylor has all the details posted on her official website. There are 1,898 goodies to be won at random. Also different copies of albums have different sets of Polaroids of Taylor Swift. So if you are a hardcore fan you can buy a few album copies and try collect the full Polaroids set.

Pre-order/buy Taylor Swift’s 1989 here: Amazon / iTunes

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