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Coldplay – Daddy (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Coldplay just released a preview of a brand new song from their upcoming studio album ‘Everyday Life.’ The new track, titled “Daddy,” is a slow beat with quite mellow vocals by Chris Martin.

So far, ‘Everyday Life,’ has produced song such as “Orphans,” “Guns,” and the title track “Everyday Life.” The previewed song, “Daddy,” might be the last release from the album before the album drops on November 22, 2019.

The lyrics to “Daddy” seems to talk about a relationship between a father and his son. The narrative takes the POV of the son and we hear him screaming trying to reach out for his father. These soothing vocals are backed mainly by a piano. Watch the official music video below.

The song seems to speak about a relationship between a son and his father. The lyrics describe how she cannot find his father anywhere. Maybe he has gone out? Maybe he has left them?

In a very calm voice audible, the child is screaming his heart out calling for his father. There has been some kind of dispute that has driven this father away from their home. The child sings that he knows the father is going through some tough times, but he needs his father now more than ever. Our closest guess is that their mother has either passed away or left them.

The second verse make it sound as if the father has been missing for his whole life. The son is heard singing that he has the same hair as his father. Only an estranged father would need to hear that his child has the same hair as he does. Maybe his mother has pictures of the father.

The most heartbreaking lyric is when the child sings “And Daddy, it’s my birthday,” which means that the father most likely has been absent for the most part of his life. The child is feeling a void in his life and he is trying to reach out for his father for some closure.

The accompanying music video shows a child lost at sea, riding the waves in a tiny boat, and trying to find his dad. He endures nights and storms until one wave flips over the boat. Then he begins the search on the back of a blue whale. The whale flies up to the sky and drops the boy on his boat again. The final scene of the video shows the boat stranded on a beach and the tiny hand of the child being met with an adult hand. His search has completed!

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Check out the complete lyrics to the song below.

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