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Juice WRLD – Fighting Demons | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Fighting Demons” is the thirteenth track on Juice WRLD’s first posthumous album ‘Legends Never Die.’ The song elaborates on how fame and fortune do not guarantee you peace of mind. It is a first-hand account of the rapper’s life.

‘Legends Never Die’ is Juice WRLD’s third studio album and was rumored to be titled ‘Outsiders.’ However, after Juice WRLD’s death in December 2019, the album title changed into its current title in retrospect of the artist’s legacy. Two singles released ahead of the album release, namely; “Righteous” and “Tell Me U Luv Me.” Two other promotional singles released days before the album release, namely; “Life’s A Mess” featuring Halsey and “Come & Go” featuring Marshmello. A note released along with the album mentions “We feel that this collection of 15 songs best represents the music Juice was in the process of creating… Juice dedicated his music to his fans and, now more than ever, we hope this album brings some reprieve to everyone during these unsettling times.”

Demons in his head has been a common theme throughout this album by Juice. However, in this track, it seems to worsen to the level that he loses control to these demons. So bad that he is on his knees praying for help and having suicidal thoughts crossing his mind.

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In the first verse of the song, Juice WRLD sings about how ‘money’ has no use when it comes to resolving his mental issues. He could certainly buy things that are supposed to grant him happiness. However, these are all temporary, and the effect wears off fast. Real happiness comes from within, stemming from a sound mind. However, fame and fortune and the society had no positive impact on the psychology of Juice. So the millions of dollars in his bank account could not shed a light on his eternal darkness in his head.

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