Magnus Carlsen World Chess Championship 2014

Magnus Carlsen Wins Game 11 and The World Chess Championship 2014 at Sochi, Russia

The 11th game between defending champion Magnus Carlsen and challenger Vishwanathan Anad ended a few minutes ago. Magnus Carlsen outplayed Vishy Anand in this match and emerged victorious in the game as well as The World Championship 2014. Congratulations to the young prodigy Magnus Carlsen.

Coming to the 11th game Magnus Carlsen was just one point ahead of Vishy, with 5.5 and 4.5 points respectively. 11th game was crucial was Magnus as well as Vishwanathan Anand, maybe more to Vishy Anand, since he had only one game left with White. It was all or nothing for Vishy in this game and because of this the game turned out be very complicated and filled with interesting positions.

Both players particpiated in the press conference after the game and explained the game out for the media. It was both of their opinion that the game was quite complicated and one who held the nerves best won the game–which happened to be Magnus Carlsen in this particular situation.

Vishwanathan Anand admitted his mistakes and his gamble in the game to get an edge.

“I made a gamble and lost it…”

“He just played better overall Chess…”


Magnus Carlsen too admitted to the game being one of the toughest of the series, and that he is very happy with how he handled the complications developed by Vishy.

Vishwanathan Anand had to face some stupid questions from the media as well. The very first question from the media was whether he is considering retiring from Chess now that he has lost this game and the championship. Vishy’s only response was a solid “NO” to the question and he laughed about it. I think he handled the situation pretty well considering all the circumstances.

However the world has seen some great tactical Chess play in the past few days courtesy of Magnus Carlsena and Vishy Anand. Undoubtedly today’s match was the most intense out of the lot and we wish Magnus Carlsen a huge congratulations on the win and a great year ahead as the Champion.

Next Big Thing in Chess?

Magnus just maybe the next big thing in Chess the world will see. He is the highest rated player in the history of the game, currently ranked at 2863. His style of play is a work of art. He is excellent in Opening Game, even better in Middle Game and absolutely lethal in End Game. Even the modern greats of the game such as Vishwanathan Anand (2792) has quite profoundly failed to break through his style of attack. Vishy Anand is considered a great defense player and he has failed to contain Magnus playing Black and White.

This raises questions as to whether Magnus is unbeatable. His personality does not speak to his greatness in Chess. He is humble, well spoken and well mannered. But inside all that is a devastating Chess magician.

May he reign long the world of Chess.

Chess world was in need of a young attraction. Magnus Carlsen maybe the key to reviving Chess as a popular game around the world.

You can view all the games here:

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