Thinking Out Loud

Ed Sheeran Calls All Sheerios To Be A Part of a Brand New “Thinking Out Loud” Music Video

Thinking Out Loud” is such an amazing song. Ed Sheeran really did justice to that amazingly written ballad with his angelic voice. The music video was released and it was more mesmerizing than any music he has done. “Thinking Out Loud” climbed music charts and really made an impact on the music industry.

Now Ed Sheeran wants you to be a part of a brand new ‘Thinking Out Loud’ music video. Ed Sheeran announced this on Facebook a few minutes ago.

“I want to make a brand new video for ‘Thinking Out Loud’ featuring you guys. Get involved.”

How to participate:

You can take part in four categories.

  • Dancing – #DancingOutLud
  • Singing – #SingingOutLoud
  • Drawing – #DrawingOutLoud
  • Miming – #MimingOutLoud

Here’s “Thinking Out Loud” song if you don’t have it (iTunes / Amazon)

If you think you are up to it in one more of these areas, you can take part.


This is about dancing off to “Thinking Out Loud”. Ed asks you to do your best dance to the song and submit the video as a Vine, Instagram video or a YouTube video. Also make sure you tag the video #DacningOutLoud and enable your location tag (for Vine and Instagram videos).

If you are shy submit the video here. (I don’t see the point of this though, because it looks like you are going to be on a video that will go absolutely viral all over the world.)



As the name suggests this is about doing your best on singing the “Thinking Out Loud” song and making a video (or maybe an audio) of it. In this video make sure you tag #SingingOutLoud so Ed can find your video, and also make sure you enable location tag.

Again, if you are shy submit your performance to this link.


Are you talented in drawing, making animations or styling lyrics? This is the category for you. You can draw, paint, design, animate the lyrics to the song and be eligible for this category. Again you have to make a video of it and submit to any of the video sites mentioned above. But make sure you tag #DrawingOutLoud on the place you upload your video to, and enable location tag for Vine and Instagram videos.

If you are shy submit it here.


How talented are you when it comes to miming? I’m pretty sure Ed has a little thing for miming (just guessing) and if you can mime the words to “Thinking Out Loud” (I’m assuming any part/s of the lyrics would be ok) you can make a video of yourself miming and submit the video to Vine, Instagram or YouTube. Make sure you tag it #MimingOutLoud and enable location tag as well.

If you are shy submit it here.


The contest will end on January 4, 2015. So hurry up (or take your time and do the best work) and submit your videos in above categories.

For more (or pretty much the same) information and sample work (Yes, Sheerios have already submitted videos under all 4 categories) visit

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