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Mackenta Premiers Eerie “Hypersensitive” Single and Video (Lyrics Review)

When Drake said “nobody makes it from my end” in his mega hit single “One Dance” in 2016, he might not have visioned the emergence of artists such as Mackenta. The singer and songwriter from Toronto, Canada is one of the hottest emerging artists in the R&B scene right now. If you want proof, watch the music video for her latest single “Hypersensitive” below.

Mackenta has been in the game for a little over two years and has dropped several singles. Her 2018 hit “No Finesse” is the most popular track to-date. However, she makes a strong comeback with her 2019 single “Hypersensitive” which speaks about how it is okay to feel emotional, show your emotions and be vulnerable.

Writing to Justrandomthings, Mackenta explained the meaning behind her new song;

“I can’t be superficial in my relationships. If you want to get close to me, you have to be willing to be vulnerable.

Feeling trapped inside a generation where it’s considered “cool” not to catch feelings, I am the exact opposite.”


In the song lyrics, Mackenta sings how it is okay to express your feelings. Often being vulnerable is thought of as being weak in this world. But it is not so. She sings that she is ‘rough around the edges’ to protect herself, but she is delicate on the inside.

Watch “Hypersensitive” Music Video by Mackenta

The song is written and performed by Mackenta herself, along with the direction of the music video.

“And so I think I act accordingly
It’s like a double edged sword for me
Put up a shield, watch my back at night
Keep a wall up from these parasites
But sometimes they cut right through it”

“Hypersensitive” lyrics

Mackenta appears to be some extraterrestial, if not mutli-dimensional (as she states in her Instagram profile) creature. She is seen tormented by human emotions and finally breaks down.

The takeaway message from “Hypersensitive” is to always be confident in yourself. Do not let the world or negative emotions impact you. If you are a hypersensitive being, be that. There isn’t a thing anybody could do to you when you wear your emotions as your armour. Make your weaknesses your armour and nobody can use them against you.

Considering how the authenticity of ‘popular’ music is degrading at a rapid rate in modern music, songs such as these are rare gems. We are looking forward for more raw lyrics and music by such artists in this year.

Do let us know what you think about this new single and music video by Mackenta. Join us in wishing her a successful 2019.

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