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4 GREAT Life Advice Tips from Taylor Swift to Empower Yourself Daily

Taylor Swift is a 25 year old Nashville girl–but her wisdom is far from her Country or POP appearance. She is a lot matured for her age. Looking at how other musicians (females mainly) conduct themselves on and off stage in the name of ‘fame’, Taylor Swift has always been a perfect role model. She doesn’t even show her bellybutton on stage!!! Taylor Swift is an icon for female empowerment. She won Billboard’s Woman of the Year award and was also nominated for Time magazine’s Person of the Year, and was the only woman on the list.

Taylor Swift gives the best advises. If you want evidence you should take a look into the Swifties’ Tumble sphere. It’s intense. Taylor Swift actually takes time to go through her fan’s posts and comment on them. And she does it very well, the talent of her as a lyricist can really be seen in her comments, which are so damn creative.

Four Life Advice Tips from Taylor Swift to Remind Yourself Daily

I really don’t know the story behind this picture–the life advice tips from Taylor Swift. The list starts off with a “Sammi’s Daily Reminders”. I still have to figure out what this means. Anyway, what’s great is the 4 pointers that follow this. Take a look at the handwritten four (or 3) life advice tips from Taylor Swift. It is also signed by Taylor Swift herself.

life advise from Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift gives the best advises
  1. Never compare myself to other people. It is comparing my behind the scenes to their highlight reel.
  2. Stay here, now. I will not think too far forward or back.
  3. It’s okay not to be fine.
  4. Taylor needs me so I’m going to take care of myself.

How great are these tips to live by?

I never thought about comparing myself to others, the way Taylor has pointed out here. When you think about it what Taylor says is so true. We only see the tip of the iceberg of the others and think ‘they’ get everything and not us. But only they know the ‘behind the scenes’ to their story. So it’s not worth to be worried about their success and worry over it. Stay in the moment is something I can agree with too. Enjoy the present, because you can never enjoy the future (as it is not here yet, and you can’t even tell if it would ever come to be), and you can never feel the past. The only real thing is the present, so make the best of it. Everyday doesn’t have to be a fairy tale. And most likely it won’t be. It’s okay to be not okay. It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to let it out. In the final advice, I suggest you change ‘Taylor’ to your name, so that it makes perfect sense. You are your own beacon of light. You are your own strength. So, be it!

I personally really loved these life advice tips from Taylor Swift. I hope you did too. Show this to your friends. Show this to someone in need. Show this to everybody. And let us know what you think about these advises. We are going to leave you with another amazing piece of advice from Taylor.

life advises from Taylor Swift
Quote by Taylor Swift on being strong.