Taylor Swift awkward dance at Grammy Museum

This Maybe The Most Awkward Dance by Taylor Swift Ever

Taylor Swift is known for her singing and song-writing. But dancing is yet another profession she perfected in–well, perfected in her own way. Anybody can do anything as long as they don’t care about what the world thinks of them. (You can’t sing? I disagree!) Taylor Swift posted a video of her doing, probably, the most awkward dance ever. And she doesn’t even care. Taylor Swift is definitely making up the moves as she goes.

Taylor Swift attended the Grammy Museum yesterday. Many artists are given their own sections in the Grammy Museum and displayed things from memorial instances in their lives. Taylor Swift, being nominated for three Grammy Awards this year, also has a Grammy Museum section for her, called “Taylor Swift Experience“. She visited it yesterday and posted a video of her doing some kickass moves, to the beat of ‘Shake It Off’ playing on a huge boombox.

Taylor Swift Awkward Dances to ‘Shake It Off’ at Grammy Museum


Taylor Swift could use some shaking it off after all the drama (created by media) recently on Katy Perry feud.

A few days ago Taylor swift announced that she won’t be performing at The Grammys this year due to her world tour coming up. As sad as that may be, we will still get to see Taylor Swift awkward dance the hell out of Grammy night. We are actually looking forward to it. It was also announced that Katy Perry will be performing at the Grammys and it would be interesting to see how Taylor reacts to that. LOL.

We are happy for Taylor Swift. She doesn’t cave into societal waves–she doesn’t have the need to pretend ‘hip’ or ‘cool’ despite being a multi-millionaire at the age of 25. She has found the best way to deal with all the crap flung at her by everybody–how? Listen to her own track, “Shake It Of”.

Leave a comment if you think Taylor Swift is the best role model celebrity out there right now. And who will be joining Taylor to awkward dance on The 1989 World Tour?

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