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Machine Gun Kelly Drops ‘Binge’ EP and “LATELY” Music Video (Review)

Machine Gun Kelly dropped his latest album ‘Binge’ last night, after confirming the release on The Breakfast Club sitdown with Charlamange. The 9-track EP was released under the Bad Boy/Interscope records.

MGK picked possibly the best time to release a new album taking advantage of the newfound hype around him. The Cleveland rapper found himself wrapped in a feud with Eminem, after Em’s new album ‘Kamikaze‘ featured MGK’s name on a track, “Not Alike.” Thereafter, MGK responded to Eminem with “Rap Devil,” a clever play on Em’s iconic track “Rap God.” Since then Eminem released his response diss “KILLSHOT,” which MGK believes to have missed him and it was merely a ‘leg-shot.’

‘Binge’ EP

Not surprisingly, the new album ‘Binge’ features the Eminem diss track “Rap Devil” as the 4th track on the album. “Rap Devil” reached #1 on iTunes sales, hence the inclusion on the album is a clever marketing ploy. This officially marks the album as part of the ongoing feud with Em. MGK storms through the 9 tracks on the album, with spitfire aggression, which makes the entire album last for only a mere 24 minutes.

The entire album seems to be a solo vocal project by MGK except for the only collaboration with 24hrs on “Signs.”

‘Binge’ Tracklist

  1. Long Time Coming
  2. Loco
  3. GTS
  4. Rap Devil
  5. Nylon
  6. Lately
  7. Signs Ft. 24hrs
  8. Get The Broom
  9. LiveFastDieYoung

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The only music videos to drop from the new ‘Binge’ EP are “Loco,” “Rap Devil” and “Lately.”

Machine Gun Kelly Confronts Demons in “Lately” Video

Along with the release of the new extended play, MGK released a brand new music video for “Lately.” The video is dark and ominous and talks about confronting his inner demons he deals with on a daily basis.

MGK confesses his rough upbringing-he had no direction when he was growing up. He dyed his hair, got piercings and tattoos and in seventh grade he was homeless. This has fueled his passion to be a G.O.A.T in the game.

In the second verse of “Lately,” MGK confesses that his mother left him when he was 9 years old. This has scarred him for life. But he is trying to move on from all of this. The only place he smiles is in public for the show. Inside, he is scarred.

MGK’s ‘Binge’ promises to be a major hit in his career and looks to produce some hits along the way.

Let us know what you think about the brand new album, music videos released and “Lately” by Machine Gun Kelly in the comments below.

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