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Rihanna Premiers “Towards The Sun” from ‘Home’ Movie Soundtrack

This was more of a leak rather than an official release, since the original website to publish the track, has taken it down immediately after uploading it. The damage was done. Once something is on the Internet, it stays on the Internet forever. That’s probably the reason why the song has appeared on iTunes immediately after. Oh well. So we bring you the latest music work by Rihanna,Towards The Sun“, a song from the soundtrack of the upcoming animated movie ‘Home’ by Dreamworks Studios.

What’s more? Rihanna is a voice actress on the movie for the lead character ‘Gratuity ‘Tip’ Tucci’-however you pronounce that name. Even Jim Parsons (Sheldon from Big Bang Theory) and Jennifer Lopez are voice actors on ‘Home’. The movie premiers on March 27, 2015. So it is almost time to release the movie soundtrack.

The new Rihanna song “Towards The Sun” is a more upbeat song than her latest album work “FourFiveSeconds” track from ‘R8’ album. Heavy drums and electric music and backup voices consist of “Towards The Sun”.

Listen to “Towards The Sun” by Rihanna from ‘Home’ Soundtrack



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“Turn your face towards the Sun


Let the shadows fall behind you…”


In case you missed it, here’s the official trailer for The “Home” movie.

It’s a kid’s movie and Rihanna has adjusted her vocals and her writing to match it perfectly. The Rihanna we know from “Rude Boy” has totally disappeared and we have a kids version of Rihanna. LOL. Hope you enjoyed this new music, as much as we did.

“Towards The Sun” album artwork from The “Home” movie

There is not much further information on the soundtrack of the movie, except when Just Jared mentioned that it will feature songs by Jennifer Lopez, Charlie XCX and Keisza.

Whilst we wait for the rest of the songs from the ‘Home’ soundtrack, leave a comment on “Towards The Sun” by Rihanna.

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