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Take A Look At “Blessings” Music Video by Big Sean Ft. Drake & Kanye West

Ever since “Blessings” was released as a single off of Big Sean‘s latest album ‘Dark Sky Paradise‘, we have been in love with it. It really showed a level of maturity from Big Sean, that we didn’t expect. But then again, his whole album is quite drawn towards the emotional side, maybe except for “Research“.

However, today, Big Sean released the official music video for the huge hit song “Blessings” and the video is quite the success too. Drake and Kanye West features on the video supporting Big Sean. The entire video is in black and white–which seems to be the theme of the year!

Watch Big Sean’s “Blessings” Music Video Featuring Drake and Kanye West

The songs says about the life lead by Big Sean, and in his eyes he thinks he is ‘blessed’ to have all that. There is some symbolic references towards religion, in the music video, which we will not get into. If you are interested, leave a comment and we will try to interpret it. But it’s clear that “Blessings” music video has been influenced by Big Sean’s mentor Kanye West.

Leave a comment about your thoughts on the latest music video by Big Sean. What other tracks off of ‘Dark Sky Paradise’ deserve visuals of their own?

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